In defence of Green Party Co-Leader Jonathan Bartley

Right Wing Press Launches Fake News Attack On Green Party C0-Leader

It was Wednesday evening, the 2nd of March. I was spending time with family and checking the Facebook app when I saw an article on The Guardian authored by Green party Co-Leader, Jonathan Bartley. Upon reading the title it became clear to me that some disreputable media outlets were attempting to slander Jonathan. ‘Killing a man in a car accident is something I’ll always carry with me’ was the title. On his Facebook page, he adds the candid and heartfelt comment “This was an incredibly hard article to write, and it shouldn’t really be about me. It should first and foremost be about the student that I killed, the family and friends he left behind to grieve, and the devastation it caused them. But after the media coverage around it this week I have written about what happened on that night when I was 17 – and how it has impacted my life.”

You can read the article here or I’ll make it short and simple for you. It was an accident, Jonathan didn’t break the law in any way whatsoever, he observed all the requirements of road safety law. In a court, the accident was ruled incidental. Any decent minded person who takes the 4-5 minutes to read the Guardian piece will realise nothing more than a nasty slander attempt is going on. Headlines in other news outlets read ‘ Green Party co-leader admits killing student with a car during ‘shocking’ interview’ (Express) and ‘Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley reveals he killed student with car’ (Evening Standard). Now, if like me, you’ve done a bit of study on modern day ‘journalism’ or rather copy writing, you’ll know how the system works. Just in case you don’t, it’s a shady world of vested interests, lobbying and reprehensible clickbait tactics. Most social media users (and that’s where most people read their news or should I say fake news) don’t even look past those cynical headlines before they hit share along with a frothing at the mouth rant or torrent of abuse. No surprise then that the leader of the United States is an oafish man who openly lies regularly and retracts his statements almost as soon as he told the lie.

The Truth About Jonathan Bartley

So what kind of person is Jonathan Bartley? To my knowledge he is the co-leader of the only British political party to have a joint leadership. He leads a party that have put their so called left-wing counterparts to shame not to mention the Tories and UKIP. He champions the rights of the disabled, refugees and families estranged by inhumane immigration controls set by our government. He is the son of an NHS consultant and WWI veteran. He is the man who called out David Cameron on his lies on special needs schooling back in 2010.

When You Make The Fake News You’re Doing It Right (Unless You’re Donald Trump)

I can’t imagine how it must feel when the media launches a personal smear campaign but I would take comfort in their motives. There is much talk of the ‘deep state’ in Trump’s America right now, we also have a deep state here in the UK. I’m not talking wild conspiracy theories here. There is a network of private businessmen and companies, lobbyists and politicians from across the party lines. Large sums of money are spent and favours are bought to make sure the status quo remains the same. If you don’t belong in that inner circle, you’re a threat and will be vilified at every opportunity which means you’re probably doing something right. If the traditional socialist views of Jeremy Corbyn are cause for concern to our elite establishment then how much more so is the progressive politics of the Green Party? While much of the fuss in the public eye has been around Corbyn, the Greens have won more local seats and their membership continues to grow. Now that UKIP have embarrassed themselves in the Stoke by-election the eyes will turn to the Green Party presenting opportunity and hope for a brighter future. But with these hopes and expectations you can expect the usual suspects (Daily Mail and other click bait monsters) to stick the knife in and try and find scandal where there is none. That, apparently has already begun.


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