That moment when you wake up a human being again

Maybe you’ve experienced this. As if awakening from a slumber, you realise you were something other than a human being. You rub your eyes and ask yourself ‘was it all a dream?’ ‘Did I really turn into this childish, small minded individual who barked at every criticism good or bad? Who lost their marbles at the tiniest most insignificant thing? Well, the good news is, you woke up a human being again today. At least for now, that dark chapter in your life has closed. No longer do you sit on a high horse believing you can say or do no wrong. Your own faults are in clear view for the first time in a long, long time. Take a deep breath, embrace that humanity. Feels good, doesn’t it?

So, how did you get to that dark place? Was it the ill thought comments from friends and acquaintances that built up over time? They  made you angry on the inside until all that ugliness manifested itself on the outside. Gone was forbearance and tolerance. Where compassion once resided, petulance moved in. The whole world and its dog was your enemy. They had it in for you constantly and you were the perpetual innocent victim. Every human interaction became an intolerable chore. No one had any consideration or decency but you. Yet you could be as blunt as you like with complete justification. Or could you?

As you sit up on the bed, thoughts flash through your mind. Thoughts of all the loved ones you hurt, all the friends you distanced yourself from. Sure, they were ignorant at times but you had a choice to react positively or negatively. The heart doesn’t lie when it tells you it would have been better to be like a tree. When they threw stones at you, you should have given them fruit. But it’s not too late. Go back into the world making sure you take the two best tools to cope with you, compassion and empathy. with these tools, your heart will grow stronger. Don’t expect them to change, change yourself. Repel harsh words with either kind words or at the very least, a dignified silence. Learn to love those who hate. Whether they stop hating or not, you will have learned how be a real human being.


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