Review Of Private Eye Page 94 Podcast Episode 23

Topics Covered:

  • Interactive Map Of Tax Evading Councillors
  • The 22 Year Late Conviction Of Gordon Angelsea For Sexual Abuse Of Vulnerable Young Men
  • Fake News

What Is Private Eye?

In case you don’t know, Private Eye is a bi-weekly investigative journalism/political satire magazine. Ian Hislop is the editor. You may have seen him on the BBC’s ‘Have I Got News For You’ or at occasional appearances for select committees in parliament.

Justice Served 22 Years Too Late

On this latest podcast, Ian Hislop talks about losing a libel case against former North Wales police superintendent Gordon Anglesea. The case is a shocking one dating back to 1994. After initial reports of indecent assault on victims in a children’s home were brought to court, new evidence in 2015 led to a conviction and sentencing of Angelsea.

Angelsea sued Private Eye after the initial case but in reflection, Ian says he is far more upset by the long-term suffering endured by the victims. Ian and Eye journalist Jane Mackenzie briefly discuss the lack of reporting in courts and why more of this type of journalism would bring better results.

Tim Minogue’s Rotten Boroughs Interactive Map Of Naughty Councillors

Next up is Tim Minogue’s Rotten Boroughs map showing where in England councillors haven’t (or have) paid their council tax. You can see it here I was saddened but not surprised to see a number of names pop up in the Labour/Lib Dem stronghold that is my home city, Birmingham. Considering the average B’ham councillor takes away a 16k annual salary and the top brass get 50k you would think they might feel a bit ashamed of haranguing the rest of us to pay council tax and yet deem it OK for themselves just not to bother.

Ian and Tim go through some of the funniest reasons given by tax dodging councillors including ‘wanting to test the system’. Just imagine if you or I tried that.

Fake News, Spoof News And Not So Bright Social Media Users

The final topic is that current hot potato ‘Fake News’. As a Facebook user, I see a lot of cretinous behaviour, such as sharing links about people who died years ago or lowest common denominator click bait. Amongst this pile of tinterweb trash are spoof articles by the Eye being shared as if they were real, not just a joke. One of those was the Idris Elba James Bond piece where a fictional general makes a big fuss about Elba being a black Bond. Or the chestnut ‘Diana was alive hours before she was dead’ (Google that one if you can be bothered). Jane recommends educating the public on how to spot genuine journalism as a better alternative to banning and blocking sites which may or may not be dubious. In closing, Ian reads a hilarious ‘Latin Citation’ of Donald Trump’s honorary degree from Robert Gordon Uni.

So things started on a sombre note with the positive being that at least justice was served if not rather late to a corrupt and now convicted paedophile. The tone picks up with some witty rapport about tax dodging councillors and fake news. Give it a listen here or via your podcast provider of choice.


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