Let’s Be Decent Human Beings

Sports, on the whole, are already dangerously close to tribalism. Many examples come to mind, particularly when it comes to Football. The last thing we need is for our political differences to pour over into sporting events giving us more reasons to draw dividing lines and fight with each other.


What we really need is empathy, we’re not talking to each other and trying to understand why pockets of society take one stance and others take the opposite. We need to talk!!!

But our political leaders continue to engage in rhetoric designed to further their own personal ambitions. People get drawn in, become confused and angry and look for short fix solutions to complex issues.


I dread this month each and every year because I know what’s coming and it’s painful and predictable. It’s as if we put on a uniform of a kind that says ‘this is my ideology’ and no one is prepared to move an inch. The arguments are shallow but they do the job just like Donald Trump’s secondary school level speeches or Hilary Clinton’s fake liberal diatribe ( in reality, she’s a bigger nastier war monger than Trump could even dream of being)


Social media gave us the ability to reach out to each other in a way we never would in public. We connect on shared interests and are capable of being kind, caring and supportive of each other all simply because we have one small thing in common. Sadly every now and then even despite these positives, we get lured into ‘two-minute hates’ by news outlets that focus on the bad in order to make money, nothing else, just money.

Neuroscientists will tell you how fallible our minds are. How our brain overrides the natural logic of the rest of our body. How we react to chemical messengers and associate reward and discomfort to certain things. We are very prone to irrationally attribute reward to unhealthy things and pain and discomfort to what’s actually good for us. I don’t even need to go into the spiraling mental health issues affecting so many of us.

Switch off that TV, unplug from social media or use it for your bare necessities. There’s too many silver tongued snakes out there, their words sound so beautiful yet those words carry no weight. They have a double meaning. They create negative chain reactions and if those reactions go far enough and become real action there will be a lot of misery and suffering. Take the time to sit back and look at the big picture. Focusing in too much obscures your view.


Enjoy your life and let others enjoy theirs. It doesn’t matter if people don’t agree with me on everything or anything for that matter. I just want to be objective. I don’t want things to get personal. Enjoy your Sunday, enjoy the sunshine and the lovely colours of early winter. be grateful for the good in your life. Want for others what you desire for yourself. Let’s be great human beings, we are capable of so much. Don’t let haters fill you with hate and most importantly, don’t hate, it’s bad for you. Ask the scientists.


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