The Superhero Technique: A Hack To Get Your Kids To Behave In The Shops

You’ve got kids, you know how it is. You take ’em to the shops and it all starts from there. The girls throw tantrums and the boys get all goofy. They wander off as soon as your backs turned. They sneak stuff into the trolley. They drop subtle hints like “I’m not asking for anything today”. Thing is you only went for a bottle of milk but they cajole you into getting some kind of reward which is OK sometimes, just not all the time!

I’m a curmudgeon at the best of times but what I’ve found is my snarky comments and Dad tantrums don’t really work. They still don’t listen and they’re gonna make a fuss like it or not. That is, until I stumbled across a technique through my sophisticated psycho-evaluation of my children’s cognitive behaviour (just joking!). No, what really happened is I blurted out in desperation “Who wants to be a superhero?” and it worked! At least for now anyway. I had to keep checking they were still there, absolute silence, I kid you not.

Yes, it seems my kids attach real value to being labelled superheros. It was enough to put their wandering feet and far-reaching hands in check. I enjoyed a stress-free trip to the supermarket, got my milk and in the end, the kids got a little something too. They just didn’t have to wrestle it out of me this time. Long live super kids!!!


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