How To Create And Host A Podcast For Free

Love podcasts? Ever wanted to start one of  your own? Everyone from top content marketers to Pro Wrestlers host podcasts.  With the rise of iTunes, Soundcloud and apps like Stitcher, it’s a great time to start a podcast to promote your product or share your thoughts on a particular subject. If you want to start off simple then I’ll show you how to create and host a podcast for free

Recording Your Podcast: What You Need

First of all, you’ll need to think about what you want to talk about and if you want to get any like minded friends involved. After that, a quiet distraction-free space is essential. Now here’s one part that might actually cost something, you will need a PC or Laptop and a decent microphone. You can either try your local electronics store or shop online on sites like Amazon and Ebay for a microphone which doesn’t have to break the bank.

Once you have picked your Mic and set it up with your PC/Laptop the next step is downloading a free audio recording/editing software called ‘Audacity‘ available for both Windows, Mac and Linux users. Here’s a quick video on how to start recording on Audacity

A more advanced tutorial can be found on this video

There is plenty of free content to use for your show like royalty free or creative commons licensed music and sound effects. The best way to search for free content is at Try different search terms for the mood or word you’re looking for.

Where To Host Your Podcast

Now you’re up and running, your first podcast is recorded, edited and ready to get online. As a good starting place, I recommend Mixcloud. Mixcloud gives you unlimited uploads at no charge and has special Talk Show Categories such as Politics, Education, News and Science plus others. Mixcloud is very easy to use from uploading cover images and tagging your podcast to adding tracklists and chapters. The only downside is people can’t download your show. Don’t let that stop you though, as you can see below you can get plenty of plays with the right content.

mixcloud screenshot 24 08 16 fixed

I hope these tips helped you to set up your first podcast. Why not share with your friends? Til next time, have an awesome day!!!


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