Awesome Stuff And Things On The Web Round Up #001

I’m back with another roundup of articles on the web that inspired and/or educated me. From deleted Doctor Who shows to free GIF making software and tons of great learning videos from Ted Ed, enjoy……

That Time The BBC Deleted Almost Ever Episode Of Doctor Who From It’s Archives

Slightly misleading title but an interesting article from The gist of this piece is that 97 episodes of Doctor Who may no longer exist due to the BBC’s former policy of deleting archived programming. What makes this so interesting is learning of the sheer lengths taken by die hard Doctor fan Ian Levine in recovering lost episodes and indeed where they turned up.

How To Create Animated GIFs For Free

Taken from The Rapid E Learning Blog you can learn about a open source software for making GIFs and how to use it.

A Huge Set Of Curated Ted Ed Videos

Although aimed at teachers, this set of padlet pages featuring tons of educational TED Ed videos will benefit adult learners just as much as Teachers

4 Steps To Implementing Design Thinking At Your Organisation

This article from the Degreed Blog applies equally if you’re running a business or just starting one up. Design thinking is a common sense approach to problem solving. You want to market a service or product tailored to the needs of your customer so you involve them through questioning and involving colleagues to offer their ideas. You then work on prototypes narrowing down the niche you are trying to create learning through trial and error to come to that exact product. Even after this you seek to improve by repeating the process and fine tuning. Makes perfect sense really.

As Far As Your Brain Is concerned Audiobooks Are Not Cheating

You’ll be glad to know that listening to an Audiobook rather than reading it is not ‘cheating’. As a severely sight impaired person I was listening to audiobooks way before they were in fashion. I enjoy a book being narated just as much as I enjoy reading one. So don’t feel guilty if you like listening to books. Thanks to Melissa Dahl at for that one.


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