Awesome Blog Post Round Up

Inspired by Problogger‘s 7 day challenge to rekindle the #BloggingGroove and by the great blog posts in the Facebook group set up for this series of challenges I want to share with you some of the excellent posts made in response to the challenge by the awesome bloggers in this group . There are plenty more but here’s a few that I really enjoyed. I’m so glad I came across Problogger, I’m still learning the ropes when it comes to blogging and these challenges were just what I needed to kick start things. If you scroll down towards the bottom of the main page there are step by step guides to take aspiring bloggers along the journey from setting up to creating content for and monetising your blog.

Problogger Front Page

I found about the 7 day challenge checking out the Problogger Podcast which can be found here. The posts I am sharing here are from the Problogger challenge group on Facebook. If like me you’re working on your blogging skills then take up the challenge, have a listen to the podcasts and give it a go yourself. Here are those posts, no theme as such, just great content……

Readathon: How To Make Time For Reading

Short, witty and shareable tips on making time to read in a meme post. At least one if not more of these hacks will be relevant to you whether you’re a lad or a lady!!!

Thirty Something Dad: Mad Dad Fury Road Travel Kids

I can totally relate to this. I’m a mad Dad on the wrong side of 30 myself. This blog starts with a amusing and very familiar scenario of travelling with the kids. It goes on to provide handy bits of advice on what to pack and how to cope with this long rage inducing journeys with the little ones.

Sharon Lutrell: How To Improve Your Facebook Experience

I have wrote similar posts on my blog but Sharon Lutrell’s blog is way better than what I wrote. Easy to read and straight to the point. Give this a read to find out how to curate your Facebook news feed and filter out the negativity without hurting anyone’s feelings or indeed your feelings.

Entrepreneur: 11 Things To Write About when You Don’t Know What To Write About

And here’s a post suggested by Sharon Lutrell on her Facebook page. As an aspiring newbie blogger I am forever struggling to think about what to write. I’ll be using these ideas next time I get stuck which will probably be the next time I sit down to write!

Karyn With A Y: Create A Killer Cover Image

This post shows you how to create a Facebook timeline cover that looks great on both desktop and mobile. You will learn the best custom dimensions for your image, how to link it to your call to action button on your Facebook page and where to make it for free. This post contains lots of invaluable advice for people who want to better promote their services on Facebook.

Thanks for checking out this round up. I will aim to do more in future. If you like the posts you can subscribe to their blogs and follow them on social media. Please share this round up on your socials too and drop us a comment with any blog posts that inspired you this week.


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