This podcast helped me get a good nights sleep

Ever wanted a podcast that puts you to sleep? No seriously it’s true such a thing exists. It’s called the ‘Sleep With Me’ podcast. I discovered it last night after downloading the Pocket Cast app. The description of ‘A Lulling, Droning, Boring Bedtime Story to Distract Your Racing Mind’ immediately grabbed my attention. I have this problem with sleep myself. I have formed the habit of listening to spoken word podcasts to stop the racing thoughts when I’m trying to sleep but they don’t always have the desired effect. I liked the idea of a podcast that can send me off into the land of dreams so I gave ‘Sleep with Me’ a listen. I have to say going on the first episode I tried out, it worked.


Within about twenty minutes of pressing play I was out like a light. The presenter of this quirky show known as Scooter has a great spoken style which he describes himself as meandering. The conversation started with an introduction for new listeners and some explanation on what the podcast is about. Then there was this entertaining tale of a dream the presenter had. Scooter dreamed he was living in the Bay area of Los Angeles writing for a TV show. A young woman also got the same job at the same time. Scooter feared she would make him look bad. This lady was insistent on being friends with Scooter despite his fears of being outdone by her. He mentioned going into the office of a real life friend where they discuss a half eaten chocolate muffin thrown on the floor by Scooter a year ago. This is pretty much where he woke up. How wonderfully weird.

This surreal dream episode is followed by the mellowest shout outs and Patron donations plug I have ever heard. After that we are transported to a journey around Berkeley California taking in a steam train ride. This is where I dozed off but I went back the next day to hear the rest and it really is a loveable ramble that goes off in tangents in a pleasantly boring way. It most certainly did the trick for me, I peacefully fell into a slumber before the show even finished.

I listened to the Sleep With Me podcast for the first time yesterday, it was effective and the unique nature of the show has peaked my interest to listen to more episodes. From what I can see there is about 2 episodes a week. The titles are very amusing, I came across ‘Game Of Drones’ and ‘Lazer Cat sentient iPod’ described in the podcast notes in the following way: “as interesting as the history of the flip flop”

004 fixed 01


Most of the episodes seem to feature short stories, that’s going by the information supplied anyway. This might not be for you if you’re likely to get frustrated by sinuous babbling but that is clearly the point of the show, it’s meant to help you fall asleep. If you’re a lover of ever so slightly goofy ramblings and want to get a good night’s sleep it wouldn’t hurt to give this podcast a try.


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