Post Brexit Britain: Where Now From Here?

So after weeks and weeks of hysteria, the votes are in, the people have spoken and the verdict is in favour of an exit from the European Union, at the time of my writing, our prime minster has resigned and we face great uncertainties

The future is uncertain today, it will be uncertain tomorrow and we should live in the now but I still feel the fight or flight sensation, maybe it’s the stakes that concern me so much.

A few takeaways from this for me have been the polarizing effect of this monumental vote. Things got very very personal, I did my best to avoid that but even now in the aftermath of Brexit, social media is heating up, it’s a very negative picture, enough to make you want to go and stick your head in the ground for a while and hope it goes away.

I won’t pretend I am not disappointed by today’s results but I feel the need to move forward and prepare for new challenges. Now more than ever we need unity and in order to get that we need to listen to each other not take pot shots at each other.

Nothing much is going to change in the immediate future and I feel this is a good time to focus attention back on the issues that effect us and those around us. I aim to give my support to

  • The Homeless

  • Refugees escaping war-torn countries who need and deserve our help

  • Marginalised communities being demonized by the press

  • Whoever is in need and facing unjust treatment

I have never been comfortable with populist nationalism but I am comfortable with civic nationalism. I believe a nation can be ‘great’ if it collectively embraces its humanity and higher morals. As Jo Cox said “We have more in common”. We can be great if we become great human beings, if we embrace hope not fear, love not hate.

There are people who have been duped into believing that me and my kind are trying to ‘take over the country’ and wipe out the traditional values of the majority. They believe horrible unthinkable things about me, things I can’t even print here, things that simply are not true. But that won’t stop me reaching out to those very people and trying to build bridges. Those who know me know well I adhere firmly to the principle of common ground. Yesterday is gone so carpe diem, you are all still my brothers and sisters, lets stand together in compassion and empathy, lets strive to be truly great by showing the best of our humanity and goodwill for our fellow-man.


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