5 Of The Best Articles On The Net 22/06/16


I’m hoping to start doing a regular roundup of articles across the web that inspire me. Today a former Liverpool player gives a moving account of why he won’t be voting for a Brexit. Also we will learn of self determined and dignified refugees in Algiers fighting corruption, we will look at the positive celebration of the life of Jo Cox, get some Squirrels’ verdicts on Brexit/Bremain and read a sad account of a 15yr old girl who will be a cheerleader one last time…..


Former Liverpool FC player John Barnes on why he won’t be voting to leave the EU (The Guardian)

After being misquoted by Michael Gove, John Barnes writes a moving article on why he won’t be voting to leave the EU. You might be fed up of EU referendum posts (I don’t blame you!!) but I urge you to read this one written from a layman’s perspective and from a man with a very big heart.


Saharan solidarity: the North African refugees keeping corruption at bay (Positive News)

Inspiring piece on the Sahrawi people living in a refugee camp in algiers and how they take a united stand against food rations being sold on the blackmarket


Remembering Jo Cox by showing we have more in common

I’m cheating a bit here, this isn’t an article, rather a collection of positive tweets in memory of Jo Cox the Labour MP who was tragically murdered by a far right fanatic. The tweets and images span the globe and reflect the best of our collective humanity. A beautiful and fitting tribute

june sarpong tweet screenshot jo cox moreincommon
June Sarpong MBE tweets stret art inspired by the unifying message of Jo Cox

Wapping Squirrels give their views on remaining in EU


Some much needed light hearted EU Brexit/Bremain analysis to stop us all going nuts!! (see what I did there?)


Brave teen cheerleader’s final Birmingham show before life-changing operation (Birmingham Mail)

Finishing with a sad story and a reminder to be grateful for what we have. 15yr old Carys Price will perform as a cheerleader one more time before having her leg amputated due to bilateral club feet



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