A Perilous Night Journey

I really thought we were going to have a serious accident, I could feel the cars wheels hitting the footpath, it was dark, we were very very lost and to tell you the truth I was petrified. We had agreed to drop off a friend after a late night broadcast at the radio station, but even with the best of intentions, we had overestimated our abilities, our driver was struggling, so much so that he pulled over and asked me to pull out the road map, things must have been bad!!!

Anyway, I gave it my best shot and we continued on our perilous journey to return our friend home in hopefully one piece, after an hour that felt like the entire night, all four of us got out of the car and navigated our way round the suburbs, 3 of us were either blind or near enough and our driver suffered from anxiety, on those odds how did we ever make it? But we did


So we were walking through a well to do and very clean and quiet area after 10pm, two Asians, two White guys including one Muslim White guy with a big ginger beard, had there been anyone outside I reckon their eyes would have fallen out of their sockets from shock, in fact the look on our friend’s Dad’s face when we dropped him off confirmed it for me. Now it was time to head home, I could feel my stomach churn as the thought of scraping footpaths in the dark and trying to read road maps for a second time disturbed my inner peace, the good news is somehow we made it back and we never ever made that journey again!!!!

Featured images taken from geograph.org.uk and Flickr Creative Commons


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