What I enjoyed In House Of Cards season 4

So I’ve just finished binge watching House Of Cards Season 4 and I’m feeling withdrawal symptoms already…….

It took me a few tries to get into House Of Cards but when I finally got past the first episode I quickly became engaged in the political skulduggery of The Underwoods and those who interact with them, in particular the Underwoods themselves seem so believable, a pair of ruthless pragmatists who will stop at nothing to get what they want, you watch them as fictional characters played out in a on screen drama and for all the sensationalism that can be expected from a televised drama, they seem all too real. Now I’ve watched the entire 4 series, I’m fully immersed in the world of Frank & Claire and intrigued to see which cards they will play in season 5


I want to avoid spoilers, I don’t like being spoiled especially when it’s a good show so I will try and give an overview and some thoughts about season 4, I’m assuming you have watched up to season 3, if not, give it a go, I’m into ‘politics’, I keep up with the news and global affairs and House Of Cards definitely fits my idea of how things play out in Westminister and the White House, after all it was originally a BBC drama penned by a Conservative peer, perhaps I will go back and compare the original with the US version but for now I’m more than content with the many sub plots of the Netflix remake.

To give an overview without being spoilery is tricky, I’d say that the new series takes a lot of events from US politics between 2014-16, sheds light on the archaic voting system still in use and how it can be manipulated for power play, it vindicates the idea that most politicians are obsessed with public image and their tear choking inspirational speeches are masterful deception. With our elections here in the UK fresh in our memories and the presidential candidate race in full flow in the states, the timeline of events in series 4 is indeed very timely. You will see a great deal of character development for Claire Underwood, in fact she plays a huge role in what goes down, we get some new faces and the return of some older ones. Of the new faces, Governor Conway stood out for me, I found him even more despicable than Frank!!! Along with the governor’s wince inducing disingenuous military chest beating which the actor portrayed very well (I really loathed the character, so he was well acted) other things I enjoyed were elements of Twin Peaks esque surrealism which replaced the visual metaphors of previous seasons and a very insightful storyline involving Middle Eastern relations.

It feels like the show is very close to running it’s course but that closure could be executed brilliantly if done properly, overall you can expect more of the same as you got in season 1-3 but that’s not a bad thing and there is plenty of shocking moments to keep your attention along with enjoyable filler for those who enjoy a story and not just a roller coaster ride. A great deal of what happens is to set up the next season, there’s plenty of loose ends to be tied up involving Doug Stamper who once again teeters on the balance of sanity and a the return of a whole load of people who Frank and Claire have screwed over on their way to the top, look out for some awesome dialogue towards the end of episode 13, it’s worth the wait!!!!

Pictures taken from Yahoo News


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