The Illuminated Sky

He woke up as if awakening from a terrible nightmare, his clothes were clinging to him and weighing him down, quite literally drenched with sweat,his clothes, the pillow and even the sheets were soaked. It was incredibly hot but this couldn’t be right, a few days into the deep winter of January and yet it felt like 40 degrees or more. His room was illuminated by fluctuating bright colours, he turned to his clock but it was lifeless, he hit the light switch but the light didn’t come on. His body clock was telling him it was early morning but something wasn’t right, the array of colours invading his bedroom window through the curtains were not those of the serene twilight of early morning. Throwing a shawl around himself despite the intense heat and his better senses he made his way outside.

Soon he would surely wake up, this must just be a vivid dream, the things he was seeing just didn’t happen, large flocks of animals had gathered in one place and were staring upwards at the sky in complete silence, cats, dogs, birds all transfixed to the incredible firework display playing out in front of them. The horizon was ablaze with flashes and streaks of purple, clouds of red, neon spirals and piercing orangey yellow orbs that grew brighter before exploding and contracting into fascinating shapes and patterns. It felt like the sky was contracting. He struggled to breath as the intense heat grew hotter and hotter, from a distance he could see forest fires and clouds of steam were rising from the nearby river like a boiling kettle. The ground was trembling violently, scattering the animals, uprooting trees and throwing anything that wasn’t tethered down up into the air, at times his vision would blur in and out. The skyline turned dark and grey as what seemed like a sandstorm billowed mercilessly without respite, he lay down and covered himself with the shawl trying not to breath in the thick noxious super fine dust, surely he was going to wake up soon.

The deafening sound of loud explosions filled his eardrums almost immediately followed by the brightest most powerful light he had ever experienced, with eyes closed and wrapped up in the shawl, the intense light was still there, it was scorching his skin and then it began to fade, the heat also began to dissipate. Peeping out from the shawl he could see a line the colour of the sun like a thread surrounded by a red hue, the line grew thinner and thinner, the red hue faded into the deepest shade of darkness he had ever witnessed, it was freezing, unbearably freezing and he could no longer see a thing. His eyes closed slowly and he told himself once more that he would soon wake up from this horrible bad dream.


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